F O L L O W   T H E  D A W N   P A T R O L   J O U R N E Y  

A B O U T   D A W N   P A T R O L   W I N E S

Dawn patrol: (n, v) The act of getting up extremely early – sometimes before sunrise – to check out the conditions in the hope of a perfect swell.


As human beings, we have a responsibility to watch over planet Earth. Reducing our carbon footprint, living consciously and sustainably, and educating others are all ways in which we can do our part to protect the planet. ‘Cause we only have one.


Each of us can make some changes to protect the planet and to support others to do the same. It’s all about being conscious of the impact your actions have on the environment, and doing small things that will eventually add up to huge results.

Dawn Patrol Wines is a sustainable lifestyle wine brand dedicated to giving back to the environment. For each bottle of wine sold, a percentage of the profit goes to an environmental NPO - Ocean pledge.


I am passionate about the environment, surfing and wine and I'm trying to find a way to incorporate all three to support each other even if it's in a small way.


W I N E   FOR   A   C A U S E

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Dawn Patrol Wines follow sustainable practices during the actual winemaking process that have as little an impact on the environment as possible.

All Dawn Patrol's wines are IPW certified. This means that they comply with the international wine industry environmental sustainability criteria, including the 'Global Wine Sector Environmental Sustainability Principles' and the 'Guidelines for Sustainable Viti-Viniculture: Production, processing and packaging of products'


Share the stoke of wine, surfing and giving back.


P R O J E C T S    &   E V E N T S

Check out all the impactful events Dawn Patrol wines have been involved in as sponsor. 


O U R   L O C A L   N E W S   F E E D

Our local feed of news. Keep in the loop with community projects and ways to get involved to help our ocean.

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